The children chime in: Dealing with food allergies

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At a Food Allergy Research & Education walk at Eisenhower Park in October, Cara led her team, “Cara’s Cupcakes,” to raise more than $2,400 for the organization. Cara said it was nice to see the support from so many people at the walk who donated money and wore their blue Cara’s Cupcakes T-shirts. While FARE events are days many food-allergic children look forward to, Halloween is not.

Those with food allergies cannot eat most of the popular candies handed out on Halloween. Vincent, the oldest of three children, said he simply trades the candy he can’t eat to one of his non-food-allergic sisters.

Theo takes a different approach. “Whenever someone asks me ‘what are you going to be for Halloween?’ I just say, ‘Myself — I’m going to sit home and eat out of my own candy bowl,’” he said.

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