This girl can make a difference

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In order to acquire enough cans for its massive structure, Nicole said that her team recruited 14 homeroom classes in school to donate canned foods, and collected items such as canned chili, vegetables, beans, tomato sauce and soup. She also said that the local chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society, at Adelphi University, donated $500 to the project so the team could purchase goods with nutritional value, specifically canned tuna.

In total, Nicole said, her team’s structure comprises enough cans to provide about 315 full meals to the hungry on Long Island.

“It really warms our heart to see that she took on a leadership role and actually went out and did something to help her community,” said Nicole’s mother, Deborah. “It was really a team effort, and it was nice to see that her school supported her thoughts and ideas, and I think that’s really important for women in science and research.”

Nicole thanked her entire science research class along with its teacher, Rachna Sabharwal, Sullivan and her parents and family for supporting her project for the last two months.

“Since this competition is around the holidays, I just really hope that our structure will provide as many meals as possible for families in need,” said Nicole, adding, “and for those who look at the structure to know that all these foods are going to a good cause.”

Her winning design will be on display at the RXR Plaza in Uniondale until Nov. 7.

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