All in the von Trapp family

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Wunderman, McDonagh and Walsh are three of the 50 cast members in the production. Grosskreuz said the size of the group contrasts that of the one he had when he first started working with the drama club; years ago, some students had to play multiple parts in shows because there were only 20 of them in the organization.

The cast and crew of “The Sound of Music” are some of the most dedicated students Grosskreuz said he has ever worked with, adding that they are independent and have taken on leadership roles. Garone, a senior who has been a member of Skull and Bones for four years, said the level of commitment the students of all ages have displayed in preparation for opening night exemplify the spirit of the organization.

“That is what’s so great about drama club in general,” she said. “Everyone is important and everyone has a role, and the show could not be put on without everyone out there,” she added, gesturing to the Mepham auditorium filled with Skull and Bones members.

“The Sound of Music” will run at Mepham from March 27 to 29 at 7 p.m. Tickets, which will be available at the school on performance nights, cost $7 for students, senior citizens and faculty, and $10 for the general public.

Grosskreuz said he hopes the partnership with the North Bellmore District will generate interest in a show that he has held close to his heart since he was in kindergarten. He explained that “The Sound of Music” is one of the shows that made him fall in love with theater as a child, and he hopes that it will do the same for younger audience members while allowing the older attendees to rekindle their childhoods.

“There is a certain magic in this show,” he said. “It’s such a family show as well, so we’re hoping to pull a big audience that will see that they can come here to see their friends and family in a real, top-quality production.”

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