Brooklyn man convicted in brutal home invasion

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Shabnam Sumra previously said that the assailants demanded money. The Sumras handed over nearly $7,000 in cash, but the men demanded more. Shabnam said that the family offered them her gold jewelry and anything they could find in the home, including cell phones, and that she was certain she would die.

During the robbery, Haris, who was not in the house when the incident began, returned after dropping off his sister at school. When he attempted to open the front door, Rice said, the violence continued.

When Haris looked into a window, he saw Arroyo approaching. Arroyo grabbed Haris by his collar and tried to pull him inside, but his shirt ripped and he managed to break free. “I pulled myself back with all my power,” said Haris, adding that he ran from the house into the street, screaming for help.

Rice explained that Segura, Arroyo and Cruz then fled the home and got into the Ford Crown Victoria that Guerrero had waiting.

Nassau County police officers driving east on Merrick Road into Merrick spotted the four when they stopped briefly at Babylon Turnpike and Merrick Road, according to the D.A. The officers ordered all of them out of the car. Cruz resisted arrest, refusing to be handcuffed, but he and Arroyo were arrested in the area near Lindenmere Drive, just south of Levy-Lakeside Elementary School, which had been locked down.

Segura and Guerrero jumped back in the car and drove straight at an officer, who fired at the vehicle, striking Guerrero in the left leg, Rice said. The Crown Victoria then sped off toward Wantagh, where Guerrero was arrested on Sunrise Highway. Segura was soon apprehended in a cab heading back to Brooklyn after a traffic stop on the Southern State Parkway.

Segura will be sentenced on May 7.

Attorney Dana Grossblatt, who is representing Segura, said that she and her client appreciated the jury’s consideration, and that they are now preparing for sentencing. “We thank the jury for being thoughtful and considering what was presented over the course of this trial,” she said. “Mr. Segura has denied his guilt, and we will continue to deal with this case.”

Arroyo, Guerrero and Cruz, all of whom are from Brooklyn, are awaiting trial.

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