Dems want county to act on Sandy

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But according to Moroney, the Legislature’s majority counsel has said that the bills overstep the boundaries of the state’s General Business Law, which regulates “deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any business, trade or commerce” and grants the state’s attorney general the power to bring lawsuits to enjoin unlawful business practices.

Moroney pointed out that Nassau County lacks regulatory agencies that expressly deal with banks and insurers, and he said that Gonsalves therefore believes it would be more “effective and efficient” to have Attorney General Eric Schneiderman go after banks and insurers whose practices are dilatory or abusive.

Denenberg said that partisan politics was behind the Republican majority’s opposition to the bills. “The Republican majority will … have to explain to residents waiting for insurance checks that they are failing to help because they are waiting for the state,” Denenberg wrote in an email. “Health and safety should not be a partisan issue. The problem is apparent and these bills would be part of a solution.”

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