Kennedy teachers dance up a storm

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Thea explained that the PTA advertised the event, helped Seidman and student government members in whatever way they asked, and solicited raffle prizes from Bellmore-Merrick businesses, including jewelry, sports memorabilia and restaurant and beauty gift certificates.

Audience members also had the chance to watch eight teachers dance with freelance professionals, after practicing with them at Dorothy’s School of Dance in Bellmore. A student lottery winner and three teachers, dressed as famous “American Idol” panelists, judged the competition.

Seidman said that the idea of hosting Dancing with the Teachers was born four years ago. Since the inaugural event in 2009, he said, it has evolved, with students creating video introductions for each performance and brainstorming other ways to make the event more enjoyable.

“Together, they led and sort of found ways to make it better,” Seidman said. “For me it’s just impressive to see the way the students work together.”

Scherer said she was impressed by the student government’s professional-looking decorations and setup for the event. The Dancing with the Teachers champion said that the organizers’ efforts inspired her to do her best.

When her students suggested that she take part, Scherer said, she ultimately agreed because she knows how hard they work in the classroom and in extracurricular activities like student government. She also said that, as a Long Beach resident, she witnessed Sandy’s devastation firsthand.

“I think it’s a great event because it’s good for students to see their teachers be vulnerable and take chances,” she said. “And it’s always really nice having your students root for you. ”

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