Letters to the Editor


Remember history on Halloween

To the Editor:

Halloween is a time of the year that we sanction glorifying the gruesome and the macabre. It should not be a time when we lose sight of the impact the displays we select for our homes have on others.

As I drive through Rockville Centre, I have been shocked and appalled to see lifelike figures hanging from tree branches. We all know about the regrettable history of lynching in America. Such insensitive displays have no place in our community.

Louise Skolnik

Rockville Centre

The trees of RVC

To the Editor:

Many of our residents were drawn to Rockville Centre by its tree-lined streets, which are an important part of the village’s character. Allen Road is blessed with rows of sycamore trees that form a beautiful canopy. The sycamores have deep roots and survived many storms and hurricanes over the past 70 years.

I recently found a notice from the village that our street was to be repaved and that the two 70-year-old sycamore trees on our curb were to be removed. Our neighbors received a similar notice, and were all extremely upset as we concluded that the rows of sycamores were slated for removal. I contacted the mayor’s office and was amazed at the rapid and positive response. Two days later, Mayor Francis Murray, Deputy Mayor Nancy Howard, and Superintendant of Public Works Harry Weed met with me and my neighbor in front of our house to discuss our concerns.

Our fears were quickly addressed, as the mayor made it very clear that his administration made preservation of RVC’s trees an important priority. If the notice was not signed and returned, then the trees would not be removed. The village notice will be modified to make this important choice clearer. Residents with trees that pose a danger to homes due to poor condition, weak roots, disease or other reasons can opt to have their trees removed during the repaving process and replaced with new trees.

Mayor Murray had previously met with neighbors down the block, and had worked closely with residents on Wright Road to ensure that 17 trees were not cut down. Our appreciation goes to Mayor Murray and to his administration for their efforts in saving RVC’s trees.

Herb Friend

Rockville Centre

Shame on thieves

To the Editor:

What a negative indictment of our present culture when stealing becomes a career choice.

Tuesday, Oct. 15, during the evening hours, four planters were stolen from my front lawn.

Mary Sabbatino

Rockville Centre

I’m here to help

To the Editor:

Although I do not yet represent the Rockville Centre community until January, a letter in the Oct. 10-16 Herald from Mr. Richard Skolnik about a dangerous intersection on a county roadway got my attention (“county won’t help”). 

As a county legislator, I take my responsibilities very seriously — especially regarding matters of safety — and appreciate when I hear from neighbors. It’s one of my top priorities to improve the county’s infrastructure, but for whatever reason, the matter went unaddressed by my predecessor.

To correct this serious public hazard, I took quick action and directed the County Department of Public Works to the area. The concern Mr. Skolnik shared was rectified overnight.

Good government that provides quality services to neighbors is what I strive for each and every day; it helps improve and sustain our great quality of life. The feedback I receive indicated that I’ve been very successful in this regard. If I can be of assistance to any Rockville Centre resident, their family or neighbors, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to help. Feel free to call my office anytime at (516) 571-6207 or reach me via e-mail at hkopel@nassaucountyny.gov to discuss your concerns, offer feedback or share your input.

Howard J. Kopel

Nassau County legislator