Mepham honors basketball great

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The entire Metzger family is involved in the business. The firm, which began small in Hoboken, N.J., in 1986, now owns or manages 2,000 condominiums in Hoboken; Lake Placid; Venice, Fla., and Merrick.

“I have known the Metzgers for nearly 40 years,” said Mills, who owns the Printing Emporium in Merrick. “Joe has been a second father to me. He’s always spoken so highly of his athletic days at Mepham. He’s just such a great family man. He’s just one of the individuals you look up to.”

Indeed, Metzger has enjoyed a full life. Harrington recently invited him to sit on the boys’ basketball team bench during a varsity game. It was a thrill for him. He shared the lessons he has learned through the years with the squad. “I said, ‘Be proud of your school. You surely won’t regret it later in life,’” Metzger recalled.

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