‘Princesses L.I.’ is familiar Bravo shtick

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Uruburu also commented that “Princesses” reflects a cultural shift away from the gains that the women’s movement made in the 1960s and ’70s. “The women’s movement was about empowering women, jobs, education and so on,” Uruburu said. “Somewhere along the line something went wrong. We have this predominant culture of this ‘princess’ idea. If you look at traditional fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty just lies around waiting for Prince Charming to come and save her.”

Rose Veitsman, a Bellmore parent who is Jewish, agreed that the show “portrays women in a horrible way.”

“I thought it was beyond ridiculous. I thought it was too stupid to air,” Veitsman said. “I don’t believe any of these women are as stupid as they acted on the show.”

Erika Krassner, a Bellmore resident who attends college at the University at Buffalo and is Jewish, said she disliked how the show stereotypes young Jewish women from Long Island. “You’d think usually by your 30s you’d move out and not be relying on your parents and their money anymore,” Krassner said.

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