Herald Endorsement

Return Goosby to Town Council


In the race to represent the Town of Hempstead’s 1st District, the choice is clear: return Dorothy Goosby to office.

Since she was elected 14 years ago, Goosby has been an advocate for the people in her district. She has made sure that the minority communities in the Town of Hempstead have the voice they need and deserve.

Her challenger, Elton McCabe, wants to be a public servant. His family has a long history of helping the community, and we know that one day he will make a fine representative. But McCabe does not seem to have his heart in this race. His reasoning that he is more qualified because he’s a Republican (like the rest of the Town Board) is weak.

Goosby has proven that she can work with the town’s Republican majority. As the sole Democrat, she could act as little more than an opposition figure, a roadblock to Republican proposals. Instead, she works with her counterparts in the other party to make sure important things are accomplished.

Perhaps most important, Goosby loves her job. She gladly attends events in her community, and encourages more people to get involved with government. And she always makes sure to put the needs of her constituents before her own — an admirable quality.

The Herald encourages voters to support Goosby on Nov. 5.

The new First District includes Roosevelt, Uniondale, Hempstead and Lakeview, as well as portions of Baldwin, Freeport, Rockville Centre, East Garden City and West Hempstead.