This wall's ready to fall

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I can only suggest that the wall be removed and rebuilt, after verifying whether it was allowed to be there in the first place. Some jurisdictions allow anything built before 1975 to remain, while others require special permits to protect vegetation and endangered species. Once you know, hire a professional. There are retaining wall “systems” that stack by interlocking, filled with gravel, earth or mortar (depending on the forces calculated for the earth and water conditions on either side of the wall). Back when the wall was constructed, there were fewer regulations, and do-it-your-selfers and handy-persons were more commonly hired for this kind of work. Now that everything costs more, including repairing bad construction, it’s more reasonable to hire trained professionals to save money, figuring it out before building. Confident guessers still abound, and are still convincing people to hire them, so be careful. Good luck!

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