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Sunday, May 29, 2016
This year, all politics is local
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John C. O'Connell/Herald
Tom Suozzi, left, and Ed Mangano, now battling for who will be the next county executive, were all smiles last Oct. 16 at the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University.


District 1
Kevan Abrahams (D) vs. Laurette Gregory (R)

District 2
Robert Troiano (D) vs. Pepitz Blanchard (R)

District 3
Carrie Solages (D) vs. Naomie Jean-Philippe (R)

District 4
Denise Ford (R, D)

District 5
Debra Pugliese (R) vs. Laura Curran (D)

District 6
Fran Becker (R) vs. Adam Shapiro (D)

District 7
Howard Kopel (R) vs. Lisa Daniels (D)

District 8
Vincent Muscarella (R) vs. Carl Gerrato (D)

District 13
Norma Gonsalves (R) vs. Edward Kraus (D)

District 15
Dennis Dunne (R) vs. Jonathan Clarke (D)

District 17
Rose Marie Walker (R) vs. Frederick Hagermann (D)

District 19
David Denenberg (D) vs. Steven Rhoads (R)


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As the race heats up for County Executive, and the political ads play on TV, one must be immediately struck by the hypocrisy of Mr. Suozzi's ads in which he blatantly states that he balanced the budget and did not raise taxes. Surely Mr. Suozzi, you don't expect us to swallow either of these 'facts' without a strong chaser! When our county taxes went up by 23%, were we hallucinating, or did the money really disappear from our bank accounts? If Ed Mangano had not taken the job away from you, we were to be saddled with another 16% increase, or was that also imagined? And as for the balanced budget, did you not leave the county $160,000,000 in the red with the political patronage jobs, the fiscal loans, and of course your $65,000 pay increase? Please Tom, tell me where the lie is! I'm backing Ed Mangano for another term- he's earned it!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 | Report this

Mr. Suozzi, sometimes you have to know when to walk away graciously.....this is the time. Is there nothing about term limits, or the ability to "re-run" for office on the county level. Please don't get like the Clintons. We can't get rid of them! Are you that much of an egotist that you just can't stand the thought of yourself being voted out? Our fiscal condition is bad enough, let's not make it worse by adding you back into the mix. Please leave quietly, gentlemanly and with dignity. Sometimes, you actually improve your image by doing so.

Thursday, September 26, 2013 | Report this

Anyone who votes 4 Suozzi is a fool-hi tax Tom baby-m/be you can get that cushy no-show job back at Cablevision ofr go back to the law firm and taqke waiters' and busboys hard earned tips at catering halls. Or m/be try running 4 Governor-we can't do any worse than the wanna be President Andrew Cuomo who is another used car salesman.

Friday, September 27, 2013 | Report this
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