Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

April 18-24, 2013


Paying it forward was a great idea

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Melissa Van Wickler and all of the other organizers and volunteers for the Paying it Forward to East Rockaway event. You have made a difference in so many lives.

What a great idea, and an even better outcome! Seeing the lines of people in need was so very sad — but seeing them leave a bit happier said it all.

My thanks to all of you for touching so many lives and for being so inspirational.

Lorraine Keegan, Bay Park

Randi’s wrong on obesity

To the Editor:

Oh Randi, come on. I’m a faithful reader and agree with her most times, but the column “Weigh more, pay more — it’s only fair” (April 4-10) is so unlike her. While I was reading it, I was sure there was going to be some humorous end to it, but there wasn’t.

I will never agree with the airlines on charging for weight. Reading about what CVS is doing is enough to make me never go there.

Obesity is first an economic problem. It is caused when two parents work and kids have to be fed and fast choices have to be made. It is caused when parents take kids to McDonalds and other poison places because it’s cheaper and easier then eating in a decent place or cooking.

Obesity is caused when there is one working parent and food decisions have to be made each day. Most important, it is caused by advertising, “super-sizing” and all the lying advertising about food.

This has been a cause of mine for a long time. Most wealthy people are not overweight, and many poor and middle-class people are. The decrease in smoking has been brought about by educating our youth as well as taking away the opportunities to smoke. To a large degree it has worked.

I will never support a business or an airline that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about people, and is only looking to suck more revenue from them. Airlines work on a class system designed to make the average traveler feel lousy anyway. CVS’s “caring” for people is very questionable: They fire more and more people as they automate their checkout systems, while making customers pay more.

Writing about obesity and offering suggestions is great, but defending the airlines or businesses and thinking they care is just incorrect.

By the way, I am of normal weight.

Michael Janin

Long Beach