Chatterton kids turn 100 ... for a day


Kindergartners at Chatterton School in Merrick turned themselves into centenarians to celenrate their 100th day of school. Students in Denise Kalos, Patricia Kelleher and Robin Shultz’s classes came in dressed as the aged.

Some came wielding canes, others wearing their robes, and a couple brought their Life Alert devices. One old-timer even remembered to bring in his medications.

The far-from senior citizens were able to muster the strength for a brief parade through the school hallways, and afterwards, convened in the school’s all-purpose room, where they rotated through activity stations, building towers from 100 Solo cups, Duplo Lego structures from 100 pieces, puzzles from 100 pieces and more.

Suddenly senior-aged students also made 100th day hats and even performed 100 repetitions of exercise.

— Erik Hawkins