A Q&A with Olympic medalist Devin Logan


We asked former Baldwin and Oceanside resident Devin Logan, who won a silver medal in slopestyle skiing at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, some questions we thought local residents would ask her.

After earning a spot in the finals in the qualifying round on Feb. [DATE], Logan took the silver with a score of 85.40. Canada’s Dara Howell won the gold medal, scoring 94.20, and another Canadian, Kim Lammare, took the bronze with a score of 85.00.

Logan turned 21 last week.

Here are her answers to our questions.

Herald: Is there anyone from the Baldwin or Oceanside areas that you grew up with that you remain in touch with?

Logan: Yes, my friend Sal, Ann Marie, and Carol Ann; they’re from Baldwin. They are hilarious, and we use to go to the beach together as a family when I was younger. We use to have sleepovers all the time — happy memories for sure. The Wynn family, he was my PR teacher and his son was my brother’s friend growing up.

H: Did any of your teachers from Baldwin or Oceanside influence you when you was younger?

L: Mr. [George] Wynn was a huge influence on my life. He was a wonderful teacher, and I would go to his class when I had breaks and just hang out. He’s funny and definitely one of my favorites. Made a great, positive influence on my life. Mr. [Chuck] Phelan [School 2], he was my sixth-grade teacher. He was cool and would always be flexible with my skiing schedule when I was competing, when my mom would take me out of school for skiing. He was a great guy, and he actually hit me up a couple weeks ago! I owe him an email!

H: When and where was the first time you ever competed in skiing?

L: I was 6 years old and I think it was a big air and I did a spread eagle off of the small jump. I was at Windham, New York.

H: Who was the first person you talked to in the States after you won the silver medal?

L: I called my dad and my family. My mom was in Russia with me, so it was nice to be able to connect with my dad back on Long Island.

H: What’s next on your agenda?

L: I’m soaking in every minute of this and having a wonderful time! Hopefully I’ll head home to Park City, hang out and enjoy some spring skiing with friends. I’m also looking forward to this summer, and maybe a birthday party in Las Vegas! We’ll see …

H: What’s your fondest memories of being in Baldwin and Oceanside? 

L: Being so close to the water was always nice, and I love the beach. I liked going to my siblings’ sporting events — soccer, softball and football games. Ralph’s Italian Ice! I want some of that right now as I’m typing it! My cousins and grandparents are in Garden City, and it was the best being so close to family. Looking forward to seeing them this weekend!