After slow start, students give technology an A+

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“It was a big transition for both teachers and students, she said. Now, however, she says it is “quite amazing.”
During an eight grade class on kitchen safety, for example, she spotted some “dangerous conditions” around her classroom kitchen, a towel sitting on a stove burner, food items on a contaminated cutting board and the like.
Students went around the kitchen, taking photos of what they considered to be dangerous with their iPads. They then imported their photos into a document that described the dangers and what could be done to remediate the dangers involved. They made their photos and text into a presentation that was given to the class and evaluated by Seidner.
Mary, another student in the class, thinks that it is much easier to do both classwork and homework using the iPad technology.
` “Almost all of the class was familiar with the technology before we used it in school,” she said. “Using the iPad allows you to concentrate on what’s in front of you. It’s almost like playing games.”
Chelsea agrees.
It’s easier not having to carry books around with you all day and you have everything for all your classes in one place,” she said. “You don’t have to rush around to finish your work and it’s much easier to write on the iPad than with pen and paper.”
Robert added that schoolwork is “a lot more organized with the iPad.”
“With Notability — an app that organizes notes in folders and moves them from one app to another — you can move your work from one app to another easily and have easy access to all of your notes and work in one place,” Robert said.
And, while students who were absent in the past did not have to do their homework because they had no access to the assignment, today that assignment is just a few clicks away on their device.
Some students, however, are not so sure that having a device 24-hours a day is a good idea.
“Not everybody misuses the iPad,” Sam said. “But I see people playing games during class time and when they are supposed to be doing assignments. They take advantage of the teacher and they system.”
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