Assessing the damage in Oceanside and Island Park

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“We sustained a lot of damage on the first floor,” said Joe Ponte, a member of the library’s Board of Directors. “We’re probably going to do a total renovation downstairs.”

The facility remains closed and has announced no time frame for a reopening. It was flooded by two feet of water, which left a great deal of damage and destroyed the heating system.

Though books and periodicals on the first floor were damaged, the second floor was untouched. Ponte said that, despite the flood, staff members managed to save almost 95 percent of the library’s collection. Everything was moved upstairs while restoration work is under way.


United Methodist Church of Island Park

There was more than a foot of water in the church, which damaged the heating and cooling units, the boiler, the furnace, the altar and the organ. The roof was also damaged, and will probably have to be replaced.

“We’ve gotten a lot of help from other churches and organizations,” said the Rev. Chris Yi. “We’re starting to rebuild piece by piece.”

The Little Seashell Nursery School, which is run by the church, was not damaged. The playground, however, was not as lucky, and will need to be repaired. 

“We continue to have services,” said Yi. “We don’t have quite our usual attendance, but we still are trying to get back to normalcy.”


Panaghia Greek Orthodox Church

There is no heat at the Panaghia church, and the heating system will most likely have to be replaced. The 18 inches of water that flooded the church stained the lower parts of the pews. The water was two feet deep in the basement, and destroyed the kitchen and the walk-in freezer.

Despite the lack of heat, services are still being held. 


Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

Sacred Heart suffered extensive damage. Its basement filled with water, and it was a foot deep inside the church. 

The pews were destroyed and need to be replaced, and the entire floor is being torn up and redone.

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