Letter to the Editor

Buck is a supportive school


To the Editor:

In mid-February, my husband, Vincent Grasso, came home for his mid-tour rest and relaxation break. He has been away from our family since August of last year and in Afghanistan since November. To have him home was an absolute blessing.

An even greater blessing is the love, help and support our family has gotten from our community — especially the William L. Buck family. The administration, principal, staff, PTA, students and teachers at Buck have made this very trying time so much easier for our daughter Izzy and for myself.

Throughout his deployment, we have had great support from the community. But an extra-special surprise was on the day he got back to Valley Stream for his mid-tour break, the wonderful people at William L. Buck school jumped through hoops to make his return special. With only a few hours notice, a special assembly was arranged to make his return a surprise for, Izzy.

So many people worked so hard that it is impossible to name them all, but special thanks must be given to Mr. Onorato, Mrs. Smythe and Izzy’s teacher, Mr. Schumpf.

Once again, thank you so much to the whole William L. Buck family!

Mary E. Grasso

Valley Stream