Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

July 25-31, 2013


Kudos to the East Rockaway librarians

To the Editor:

I wanted to thank the librarians and the staff of the East Rockaway Library. They helped a parent of a third-grade student help push a child a little further in their summer reading; they called the East Meadow Library to reserve a new release;

they consistently check shelves for patrons; they act as a reference for countless college papers; they introduced parents of new readers to childrens’ book author Mo Willems; they provide the atmosphere and expertise to make a great library. Thank you, Village of East Rockaway, for funding our library and everything that goes with it.

Dan Caracciolo

East Rockaway

Congrats, Heralds

To the Editor:

For decades, Richner Communications has been the voice of residents in the Town of Hempstead, keeping them informed about news in the schools, government, community organizations and quality-of-life issues through the Herald Community Newspapers and other top-notch publications. We are proud to congratulate Richner on its latest top story: the acquisition of L&M Publications, another group of outstanding weekly papers dedicated to informing town residents.

While many media organizations have dramatically changed their approach to news reporting over the years, Richner and L&M have maintained their commitment to high-quality journalism, while also reaching out to residents on the Internet and through social media. The town was proud to partner with Richner this summer on a campaign to publicize the reopening of Sandy-damaged businesses on the South Shore, offering residents real-time information on which stores would be back in business, and when.

The Town of Hempstead wishes all the best to Richner Communications as it enlarges its “beat,” bringing news to the public and expanding its information services to more residents of America’s largest township.

Kate Murray

Town supervisor