Long Island Opera is reborn

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“These are up-and-coming talents who you will be seeing a lot of as they progress in their careers and our claim to fame will be that they were on our stage first,” Berta said. “With every performance, our goal is to captivate the audience; we tell the stories the great composers intend us to experience through their music.”
The beautiful music, powerful voices, magical storytelling, exquisite scenery and costumes all combine to create an exhilarating experience. But to truly appreciate enjoy this performance – or any opera production for that matter – Berta encourages everyone to familiarize themselves with the story beforehand. “A wise friend counseled me about the importance of doing a little research about the opera before the performance,” Berta said. “You’ll have a better understanding of the storyline. So it’s good to come with a little knowledge and you’ll be able to relate to the production that much more.”
“It’s a very exciting thing to have this reborn opera company right in our own backyard,” said Caruana, who last appeared on Long Island as Hansel in the Bronx Opera Company’s production of “Hansel and Gretel” last spring at Hofstra University. “And performing in the new theater in Rockville Centre, my hometown, makes it all that much more
Caruana said she was drawn to the role of Maddalena by the challenge of playing a dark, forceful dramatic character with intricate and complicated vocal lines. “I am excited to bring her to life and explore her character and choices, with this amazing music. She is an incredible challenge for an actor to play her since she does not show up until the end, when she propells the drama forward. But because the audience does not see her until the last act, they wonder who she is. I have to bring out her character within this context.”
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