Oceanside board calls for common core slowdown


The Oceanside school board has weighed in on the controversy on the controversy over the common core and assessment systems associated with the new federal program by passing a resolution at its Nov. 19 meeting calling for the state to “reexamine public school accountability systems, including the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) and to develop a system based on multiple forms of assessment which does not require extensive standardized testing, more accurately reflects the broad range of student learning and is used to support students and improve schools.”

In addition, the resolution, which was passed unanimously, calls on the president, the Congress and the federal education commissioner to “overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Educational Act (commonly known as No Child Left Behind), reduce the testing mandates, promote multiple forms of evidence of student learning and school quality in accountability, and not mandate any fixed role for the use of student test scores in evaluating educators.”

“The nation’s school systems have been spending excessive amounts of time money and energy on high-stakes standardized testing, including the adoption of the Common Core learning standards, in which student performance is used to make major decisions affecting individual students, educators and schools,” the resolution said. “It is widely recognized that standardized testing is an inadequate and often unreliable measure of both student learning and teacher effectiveness.”

Why pass such a strong resolution at this time?

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