Students learn about careers


The Oceanside School District organized a career day at Oceanside High School on March 14. The presentations formed different panels based on the areas of expertise.

On the business panel were Michael Schoell, Christopher Schoell, Joe Garay, Jay Fiedler, Joel Rosenfield, Health Careers Panel (all from SNCH), Tara Rainer, OT; Francine Stauber, PT; Carl Zipperlen, Pharmacist; Lisa Williams, Nurse Manager; and Nancy Feger, HR. Will Roblin, SNCH, spoke on engineering; Frank Nappi on writing; in Art/Music/Theatre: Nanci Nigro, Laura Costa and Michael Vetter; On Psychology/Social Work: Susan Samaroo, Jacqueline Padvano, Jarrett Rubin and John Madden; On the law: Desiree Fusco; Ed Alongi on criminal justice; On education: Kim Macca, Joe Pumo and Andy Morris; and Stephanie Matina.

About 250 juniors participated. The students chose the careers they would be interested in, and then get this unique opportunity to hear from people in the field. This is the district’s 10th year of the program, sponsored by the Oceanside School to Career Professional Advisory Board.