Thanks for everything Rockville Centre


Coming out of college with a major in English, I had very little idea what career I wanted to pursue. The beauty of the major is that it provides training in a broad skill set, but it offers no strict guideline to follow in finding the right job.

With the idea that I would explore my options, gain some “real-world” experience and, not least, earn a steady pay check, I applied for a position as a reporter at the Herald covering the Rockville Centre, Oceanside and Island Park communities.

Coming into the job, I didn’t know much about Rockville Centre beyond the fact that the village has its own electric department and a fairly bustling downtown.

In more than a year and a half since first taking the job, I’ve come to know Rockville Centre as a second home. I’ve laughed and celebrated with you at the St. Patrick’s Parade, I’ve mourned with you at the September 11 memorials and I’ve learned to admire your resiliency and generosity in times of great difficulty.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am leaving the Herald and the world of journalism in order to become an educator. I am both excited and nervous to begin down this new path, but I believe my time in Rockville Centre has helped prepare me for this transition.

As a journalist, my job is to observe and relay, a task which puts me in almost daily, direct contact with the political leaders, emergency responders, school officials, business owners and residents that make this village as strong and robust as it is. I can say with complete certainty that I have been accepted with open arms and that I have made strong connections that I hope will last beyond this job.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and a part of the village. It has truly been a pleasure.