The insurance company runaround

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And why would banks not join you in your cause against your insurance company, since I am seeing people walk away from their homes? Banks have much more to lose than homeowners. And why is it that Louisiana figured out how to get federal grant money for lifting and repairing homes, but we’re not doing the same? With repeated storm damage, the tax base, commerce, and the health and safety of thriving communities will cease. Ghost towns will be a testament to governments’, insurance companies’ and banks’ failure to uphold the system that allowed them to prosper.

Also, when insurance companies tell you that you need an engineer, not an architect, they’re trying to intimidate you. Architects plan buildings as the “conductors of the orchestra,” in which structural, mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineers, as well as environmentalists and other specialists, each play a part. Architects, who lead the team, certainly have the capacity to assess your issues. Shouldn’t insurance companies have inspected homes before insuring them instead of denying claims for conditions they never noticed, but you paid for? Stay positive and persist. We all need answers.

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