Where fantasy can become real money

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“One thing led to another and I started speaking with the guys at Star Fantasy Leagues, since there were synergies with our two businesses, and we decided to merge them [in March] and become partners,” said Young. “If Sandy didn’t happen, I would never have been here. I moved up here after Long Beach got destroyed. It was a blessing and a curse.”

Young seems to have found the right business at the right time. Star Fantasy Leagues competes with only a handful of companies, said Young — most of which are funded by venture capital. SFL, however, is funded entirely by its ownership group, allowing Young and the Stanley brothers to maintain complete control of the company during its first stages of growth.

“Right now, we’re still a start-up,” said Young. “We’re well-funded, and one of the only major companies competing in our space that have not taken any venture capital money or pursued it.”

But when it comes to doing right by their customers, SFL’s lack of venture capital is certainly not a liability.

“We’re guaranteeing that we’re giving away over $100,000 this season in fantasy football,” Young said.

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