Your post-storm priorities

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10. Deliberate. When all this is done, step back and assess whether you’ll ever need to have so many things again. Valuable papers can be scanned onto computer disks, old toys can be donated, handed down or sold. Clothing goes out of style. How much do you really need that pair of shoes or pants that will never fit again, no matter how many miles you put on your treadmill? I, too, have a hard time parting with old, reliable belongings, but we have to ask ourselves during a crisis, while fleeing with our emergency bag, did we ever really “need” all that stuff, or did it just make us feel better to have it? I see relief on clients’ faces after they declutter before workers start renovating their homes.

I sincerely hope that we all managed, that we kept our health, our humor and our wits about us, and will be ready for the next perfect storm.

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