Island Park celebrates pre-prom at Masone Beach


On June 22, 2017, the students from the Long Beach and West Hempstead high schools were treated to a pre-prom “Photo Venue” event where graduating seniors had the opportunity to take pictures in their fancy attire with their dates before heading off for the big night.

The event was held for the first time at Masone Beach in Island Park. Students could be found taking photos at various spots in the park such as on the deck that extends out onto the bay, under the gazebo, and of course on the beach. Additionally, they had the opportunity to dance to DJ music and enjoy refreshments after their photos were taken. “We wanted to try to do the pre-prom for kids to come here and take pictures in the high tide by the sunset. It’s our first year so we’ll see what happens. And next year we’ll do it again…I think it’s a good thing, not everybody has this beautiful water to be able to take it by the sunset.” said Island Park village trustee and event organizer Barbara Volpe-Reid.

Zac Coster and Lydia Almeida, both West Hempstead seniors, and one of the couples in attendance mentioned that sports will be what they will miss the most of their high school experience. “My varsity volleyball team, they’ve been like a family to me. Spending two years with them is a lot to ask for. We went to semifinals for two years straight, those are the two best memories ever.” Coster said.

“I’d probably agree,” Almeida said. “With my soccer team, we’ve been to the playoffs the last two years and they’re my family and I love them with all my heart.”