Lawrence Lately

Taking pride in being a ‘Tornado’ forever


After four long years of tireless work and endless classes, seniors at Lawrence High School look forward to moving to a bright future.

On May 1, National Commitment Day, seniors committed to the college of their choice. With many seniors having received letters of acceptance from several selective colleges, the decision where they would spend the next four years was a tough one. Many seniors made a last whirlwind tour of colleges on Admitted Student Day.

For us seniors our acceptances were proof that the hard work, grit, and determination we had put in to excel not only in academics but also in research, sports, music, and other extra-curricular activities paid off.

Ultimately, seniors based their decision to attend the college that would best support their future career goals. I have chosen to attend New York University to study science and technology.

With college decisions being made, seniors did not slack off, but worked hard to prepare for the upcoming Advanced Placement exams. We hope to carry these credits to college this fall. Under the tutelage of our AP teachers, who offered extra after-school classes and mock exams, sophomores, juniors and seniors felt confident to take the tests. With the last of exams ending last week, we seniors now look forward to enjoying time together as classmates.

Several events have been planned especially for us in the last few weeks before the school year ends. On May 24, seniors will take their annual senior trip to Six Flags. We will get to spend a fun-filled day in the sun with our friends, riding the hair-raising roller coasters, and getting soaked on the water rides. This will be followed by the Senior Banquet which will be held on June 5 at the VFW Imperial Room in Inwood and finally the Senior Prom, our last time together as classmates before graduation day.

We owe a big thank you to Senior Class Adviser Irina Bayeva, the Parent Teacher Association, and the senior class officers who jointly organized senior year activities throughout the year. We will cherish these memories forever.

As Lawrence High’s class of 2018, we seniors take pride in leaving behind a rich legacy. Our achievements include having an unprecedented number of 13 students in a double-accelerated math program since seventh grade. They went on to take, as seniors, the first multivariable calculus college level class in high school. We also have the distinction of having among us research scholars who became Intel semifinalists, behavioral scientists who emerged as regional finalists, award-winning culture and history writers, musicians, and sportspersons. We owe our success to the teachers and administrative staff at Lawrence who, over the years, have guided and supported us. The values and traditions of Lawrence absorbed by us over the years have not only shaped our characters but will impact our future lives.

For us seniors the year has gone by quickly. With graduation plans being made and graduation gowns and caps being ordered, it feels surreal that our time at Lawrence has almost ended. For many of us who came to Lawrence as pre-kindergarteners, this is our second home. As we move forward to our future, we know that we will carry Lawrence in our hearts and take pride in being a “Tornado.”