Alfonse D'Amato

A presidential debate for the history books


A re-energized Mitt Romney took the stage at the first of three presidential debates last week, and outperformed and outshined President Obama.

Governor Romney stood toe to toe with the president on taxes, health care and deficit control, and deserves a lot of credit for what was obviously thoughtful and thorough preparation.

Even the pundits and the liberal news media were forced to admit that, hey, this guy Romney did OK. Many wouldn’t actually admit defeat, but it was clear from the interviews the networks did with undecided voters that Romney articulated a plan that they could understand and presented himself as a candidate they would consider voting for.

Romney pointed out the failures of the president’s first term while promising Americans a different country if he was elected. The president appeared flustered and had a hard time looking at Romney. On the other hand, Romney remained calm and determined.

Obama focused his attacks on what he has dubbed Romney’s “trickle-down” tax plan. He described it as a “five-trillion-dollar budget buster,” one that would give tax breaks to the rich and hold the middle class hostage.

Romney vehemently denied Obama’s characterization of his plan, saying, “Mr. President, you’re entitled to your own house and your own airplane, but not your own facts.” Zinger!

Romney repeatedly defended his plan, saying that if elected, he would not pass any tax plan that added to the deficit, further explaining that he wants to lower rates and broaden the tax base by eliminating deductions. He promised not to reduce the share of taxes paid by the wealthy, and would lower tax rates for small businesses.

Romney wasn’t afraid to take on the elephants in the administration, saying that while he, too, is in favor of green energy, he did not support the $90 billion in subsidies handed out, much of which has not gained any returns and ended up in losses, like Solyndra.

I stood up and cheered when Romney said that we must cut our dependence on foreign oil and increase drilling here in North America, and promised that a Romney administration would approve the Keystone Pipeline System from Canada. Bravo!

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