Deceptive mailing targeted Sandy victims

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“Certainly everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty,” Santino said. “The people of Long Island are particularly vulnerable during the aftermath of superstorm Sandy. It’s disgraceful that anyone would attempt to prey upon people who have suffered so much.”

Murray and Santino referred the matter and forwarded a copy of the mailing to the Nassau County District Attorney, concerned that homeowners may retain the business’s service based on a misapprehension that the town was requiring or recommending the private company. Homeowners had spoken with town Building Department staff, indicating that they had believed the mailing to be a genuine Town of Hempstead document.

“Over the last few weeks, we have seen the strength of Nassau County in every home being repaired, ever donation being dropped off, and every community banding together to rebuild,” Rice said. “Unfortunately, there are also scam artists looking to capitalize on the devastation to make a quick buck. Thanks to the people of Oceanside, however, and the quick work of the Town of Hempstead, US Postal Inspection Service, and members of my office, this con man was caught immediately.”

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