A fifth grade Inaugural Ball at Watson in Rockville Centre


Watson School was the site of an Inaugural Ball presented by the fifth grade on Jan. 16. Many former Presidents and First Ladies were portrayed by the students.

Working collaboratively, students researched a president and the time period during which he presided. So much information about their terms in office and interesting personal facts were revealed. Everyone spoke eloquently to the audience of parents and friends. The historically correct costumes worn by Watson fifth graders added to the authenticity and enjoyment of the event.

After the last interview, President Barack Obama, with his hand placed on the Lincoln Bible and with his wife Michelle by his side, was sworn in for his second term.

The students sang God Bless America and then performed a minuet to piano accompaniment. The audience was transported back in time to an elegant era of American life.

The Inaugural Ball was made possible through the generous funding of the Rockville Centre Education Foundation and the Watson School PTA.