A ‘strong and amazing’ person

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Another friend, Christopher Constanza of Wantagh, said that the bridge where her body was found is a well-known hangout for teens. “People say, ‘Go to the bridge, I’ll meet you there,’” Constanza said, adding that Daverin-Gresham had a lot of friends from different towns.

“Lauren was a strong and amazing person,” said a family spokesperson, “and we haven’t even begun to start feeling the true loss we are now faced with.”

Daverin-Gresham is survived by her mother, Kathleen, siblings Suzanne Caldeira, Catherine, Michelle, Kelsey and Frankie Daverin, and a grandmother, Judith McLaughlin. According to a Facebook post by her mother, Lauren’s father, Francis Daverin Jr., who was not living with the family, died in June.

Services were held on Monday and Tuesday at Vernon C. Wagner Funeral Home in Hicksville. Daverin-Gresham’s buried was scheduled for Wednesday at the Cemetery of the Holy Rood in Westbury.

Brian Croce contributed to this story.

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