County executive primary is today

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Visions for Nassau

Haber has outlined his plan for the future of the county. He said upgrades are needed to the county’s sewer plants to reduce water pollution, and innovative solutions are required to prepare Nassau to withstand future storms.


He says quality of life issues would be a focus of his if elected, including improving parks and fixing roads. Nassau County should be more business-friendly, he explained, to bring more good-paying jobs to the area and keep middle class families in their homes.

The tax assessment system is broken, Haber says, and he has presented a plan to fix it, including adding staff to the Assessment Department, using more sophisticated software for valuing properties and avoiding more debt by paying tax refunds immediately.

Suozzi, in addition to reducing the county’s dependence on borrowing, said he wants to encourage downtown revitalization projects in Nassau County communities to create transit-oriented housing for young professionals.

He also says he wants to review every county department to find ways to save money, and also plans to overhaul the assessment system if elected.

“I have a plan to get Nassau’s finances back on track again, starting with getting Nassau’s 400 taxing entities together to cut costs and share expenses for things like computer systems and payroll administration,” he said. “And I will put an end to the reckless borrowing that puts our finances at risk and kicks our problems down the road.”

Their support bases

Endorsements for Haber include the Liberal Party, New York Veterans Police Association, Pakistani American Democratic Club of New York, Park Advocacy and Recreation Council of Nassau, The Corridor Counts Coalition and HaitiPAC.

Haber says being an outsider to politics makes him ideal for the job.

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