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Friday, December 19, 2014
Hewitt parents turned down
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Trustee John O’Shea took issue with parents’ accusations that the board had manipulated the situation to avoid adding teachers. “We offered a solution that we all thought was a sound solution to some issues in the district,” O’Shea said. “It was the parents’ choice to move their children. You’re blaming us for a parent saying, ‘I want to take my child from here and put them here’?”

Johnson explained the district’s policy on class sizes. Once a class adds a 26th student, he said, the administration will meet with school staff to discuss options. There are mainly two, Johnson said: splitting the class or adding a teaching assistant. The T.A.s the district hires are all certified teachers, and it adds them only if it is deemed necessary because of enrollment numbers or if there are students from the district’s special education Inclusion Program in the class. Two of Hewitt’s three kindergarten classes will have T.A.s.

“Throughout the district, if a class has 25 students in the elementary schools without an inclusion, how many staff do we have? One teacher,” O’Shea told the parents. “That’s the policy of the Rockville Centre School District.

“You’re wanting us to make a different choice at Hewitt than we do at every other school,” he added.

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