Insults, old as the ages, scrawled on walls

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Of course, anti-Semitism has many incarnations. I had the opportunity, some months ago, to watch an episode of “Princesses: Long Island,” a reality show on Bravo about six rich, pampered young women at or approaching age 30 who live at home with their parents in Roslyn, Westbury and other nearby towns. The show, which may be renewed for a second season, does for Jewish women what “Jersey Shore” did for Italians — it gives them a big black eye.

The series serves up stereotypes, from the grown-up kid who only wants to spend her daddy’s money to the single woman who devotes her life to finding a nice, rich, Jewish husband. I hated the show, and I hope it doesn’t get a second season. I will report, however, that Yael Miller wrote a piece in the newspaper Haaretz, in Israel, advising Jewish viewers of “Princesses” to take a deep breath and focus instead on all the other, more fair-minded portrayals of Jewish life in American films, literature and on TV.

Nice try, but I still think the princesses are a royal pain.

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