Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 2012


She stayed and saw the sewage

To the Editor:
I remember something brown coming up into the street, and someone said it was sewage. The brown was sprouting out of the drain on North Boulevard, and it traveled along the curb down to West Boulevard.
I thought it was mud. The ground was covered with this so-called mud, which was also on the floors of my and my daughter’s house. It was then that I said we were leaving.
I think I went into shock as we tried to find a hotel, but nothing was available. We were so cold, had no water or heat, and felt so dirty from cleaning the area. My son told us to come to his home in Merrick, and even though I didn’t want to go in case we had caught some disease, we were desperate and cold and so we went.
I remember that my grandchildren were all dressed up and smiling, so I said, “Why is everyone dressed up?” Someone told me it was Halloween. It was then I realized that two days had gone by since the storm. I broke down and cried, and so did my daughter. I had had no idea of the time or day.
I was overwhelmed that the sewage plant exploded and we were not informed. We were cleaning the area up for two days without proper gloves or equipment. The Board of Health, the police or even the siren on North Boulevard should have informed us, because they were all aware that we and many others were there in Bay Park, trying to saves our houses from any more flood damage.
The Bay Park Sewage Plant is overwhelmed with sewage and it must stop now. Reopen the Cedarhurst plant and keep their sewage there!
I hold Nassau County officials and the Board of Health responsible for any disease I may incur for them not properly following through regarding this catastrophe. I am so glad I stayed during this whole ordeal so I know where the sewage was traveling — in case someone says it never happened.

Lorraine Keegan, East Rockaway


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