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Monday, May 30, 2016
Rockville Centre Library slashes Sunday services
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Christina Daly/Herald
Two women were robbed, and one was attacked, near the Rockville Centre station this weekend.

Other cost increases include electricity, telephone and insurance, which total another $7,500. In a large budget, those numbers are small, but Chiofalo stressed that the library needs every penny it can find.

“In the future, it’s only going to get more difficult,” she said. “And I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom, but the fact is, there is no fat in this budget. None at all. If we have another year with only 2 percent increases [in spending on materials], we’re going to have to start to get to the bone.”

Despite the library’s woes, however, Chiofalo reported that it has actually seen an increase in membership over the past year. “We’re busier than we’ve ever been,” she said. “People come here more and more and more. The library itself is not dying. It’s just that its uses are changing.”

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Why are employee retirement costs ballooning 10x more that the cost of building repair, NLS and electricity/phone and insurance.

Is this a library or a retirement program for a limited few that keeps some books on the shelves. Can we increase the amount by which employees contribute to their retirement and health costs? Lets shift all new employees to a 401k type program instead of saddling the taxpayers with an open ended pension liability.

Thank you

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 | Report this

I was cut off when posting a comment and am trying once again;I think more transparency is necessary in the library Boaqrd. I asked to see the current budget and what the salary was of the Director and had to file a Freedom of Information demand with the attorney for the the recent budget now being replaced and the salary of the Direcdtor when I read a appareently unreliable comment from one of the incumbent library trustees on the ballot tomorrow. He said the Director made less than a teacher. The office of the RVC Superintendant stated the range of salaries for teachers in between at the top less than $120,000 as I recallo. The Direcdtor supplied her salary and confirmed hers was now over $127,500 per annum which did not include perks. While the Director earns more than $127,000 per annum plus perks, I think it is too large an amount for such a small community library- The Sunday hours being eliminated, I am informed will cost $55,000 per annum. This Director can be part timer (especially since she seems to be out of the office many days when I try to reach her) and the savings can permit Sunday to remain open , especially when it is the only day for some parents which they can take their children to the library with them and help them use that time for their school work as well. I think that there are many other economies thatg should be looked up and made available to the tax payers. I also have asked to be able to reach the trustees and they fail to give a number or return calls when messages are left with the Director. I decided to run for trustee and will respond to the calls and suggestions of the taxpayers - have been and am an attorney in a number of states including NY and a part time arbitrator-My career is built on solving tax payer and client needs. Thank you for letting me participate in this posting.Bill Victor

Monday, May 20, 2013 | Report this
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