Mangano, Suozzi face off in ’09 rematch

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The addition of ShotSpotter in some violence-prone communities has been a crime-fighting asset, he says, and guns and drugs have been taken off the streets through various initiatives. “We’re the safest large suburban county in the nation,” Mangano said.

Suozzi said he is dismayed by the scandals that have taken place in the Police Department in recent years, including several officers involved in criminal activity. He is concerned that the overtime budget has gotten too large, and would add more officers in an effort to curtail that spending.

Comparing their records

“I think Tom is an intellect with a proven track record of successfully guiding Nassau County to prosperity,” said Steve Thom, president of the Valley Stream Democratic Club. “I don’t think I will ever vote Republican, but Mangano’s acceptance of the Tea Party’s endorsement is a turn-off, especially with everything that has transpired in Washington.”

Thom said he feels there is a lot of excitement about Suozzi’s potential return, but said he is concerned about possibly low voter turnout in an off-year election. His organization has partnered with the Nassau County and Town of Hempstead Democratic committees to rally support for Suozzi, including calling residents.

Mangano says the county has accomplished a lot in the past four years. The privatization of Nassau bus has saved taxpayers money and improved service, emergency preparedness procedures have been strengthened — both before and after Sandy — and plans are in the works to create transit-oriented developments in several communities, he said. He cited funds that have been doled out to Valley Stream, Lynbrook and Baldwin for studies to create transit hubs.
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