Maragos, Weitzman face each other — again

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“He should also be aware, but apparently he’s not, that our surplus and financial number are confirmed by the independent, non-partisan Legislative Office of Budget Review,” Maragos said. “And he should also know that our numbers are also reviewed by NIFA. And furthermore, they’re reviewed by all the rating agencies that go through them with a fine-toothed comb every time we go to borrow. And yet he disregards all that and issues what are extremely irresponsible and potentially harmful statements.”

Weitzman stands by his claims, saying they’re not damaging to the county unless they’re true.

“The fact of the matter is, the only way it could damage Nassau County is if the Securities and Exchange Commission agrees with my position,” Weitzman said. “And if that’s the case, then my claim that they cooked the books would be upheld.”

George Maragos
Republican, Incumbent
Age: 64
Lives in: Great Neck
Career: Owns financial information services company for 22 years
Political Experience: County Comptroller, 2009-present
Family: Wife, Angela; sons, Peter and Angelo
Other: Member, Chilean Lodge

Howard Weitzman
Democrat, Challenger
Age: 67
Lives in: North Hills
Career: CPA for 35 years
Political Experience: Great Neck Estates village trustee, 1983-1995; County Comptroller, 2002-2009
Family: Wife, Susan; children, Peter, Matthew and Catherine
Other: Board member, American Jewish Committee; former treasurer, Temple Israel of Great Neck; board member, United Community Fund of Great Neck

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