Molloy College changes colors


Molloy College made a colorful return to its roots on June 20, when representatives announced a change in its school colors.

The new official colors, cerise and white, are a return to the “red color family” originally used by the college after its founding in 1955, when the school’s official color was American Beauty rose. The colors changed for the first time in 1972 — when the college first became coeducational — to maroon and white, and remained the same until 2006, when an advertising agency began sending out advertisements in purple and orange.

“They were very eye-catching, but we never switched everything. We still had our sports teams wearing maroon and white,” said Ken Young, director of public relations at Molloy. “And then we just finally decided to return to our ‘red family.’ It’s the combination of moving forward and transforming, yet still keeping a tie to our original roots.”