Molloy College sends two to China

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While sightseeing will definitely be part of the trip, the focus is education. The students attending will get to meet with Chinese investors, tour the largest ship-building company in the world and visit a plant that creates alternative energy for cars.

“And probably, most importantly, they’re going to spend three days at Fudan University, which is an English-speaking business school in China, where they’re going to do some joint projects with the students over there,” said Bier. “In prior years, they studied the beverage industry in China versus in the United States. And we think that the cross-cultural experience they get of working with Chinese students will just be so valuable to them and, frankly, will make them different when they go into their interview processes.”

With the trip approaching (the students will leave in May after the semester is concluded), both Moore and Lisante are looking forward to experiencing a new culture.

“Especially in a time like this, when China is so relevant to the American economy,” said Moore. “It’s an important trip for us to go on.

I feel like if I didn’t go now,” he added, “I may never have a chance in my life to go again.”

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