Obama hasn't earned a second term

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It’s ironic that Kevan Abrahams, the Democratic minority leader of the County Legislature, stated, “To lose the Islanders, Nassau’s only professional sports franchise, is an epic failure of leadership at all levels.” Where was the deputy minority leader during the negotiations? Instead he joined his fellow Democrats and urged voters to turn down the referendum.

Now we have a clean slate, and the Hub deserves another opportunity. Let’s move forward and think about how we can maximize the area’s potential and bring new and exciting jobs and much-needed revenue to the county.

Islanders fans, look on the bright side: At least your team will still be here in New York.

Now, there is someone who doesn’t deserve another opportunity: President Barack Obama doesn’t deserve a second term.

Friends, lucky for you, this may be the last time you hear from me before you (hopefully) pull the lever on Election Day. In all seriousness, rarely in our lives are we faced with such a unique opportunity to change the course of history. For those of you who remember, we were faced with a similar choice in 1980, when Ronald Reagan ran against President Jimmy Carter and defeated him.

I am hesitant to say this because I don’t like being overly optimistic, but every day I feel more strongly that next Tuesday, Mitt Romney will defeat Obama in much the same way.

Think of your children, your grandchildren, and all future generations. They deserve better then the leadership we’ve had over the past four years.

Are you really better off then you were four years ago? Chances are you know someone who’s unemployed, underemployed or has given up looking for work. Chances are the value of your home is less than it was and you couldn’t even sell it if you wanted to.

What about our national security? After the terrible situation in Libya, do you still feel confident having Obama representing our nation around the world?

Are you fed up with paying more than $4 gallon for gas?
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