Rockville Centre earns kudos for storm work

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“We finally were restored yesterday,” Lange said. “We don’t understand in our neighborhood how we can be told on Friday, ‘We had 3,600 people out yesterday and we got 1,800 back.’ But most of those people are in apartment buildings. Most of those people don’t pay the taxes those of us sitting in this room pay. So I don’t really care about the 1,800 people in the apartment building. It’s kind of crass, but that’s how I feel.”

Other residents said they supported the village’s efforts to respond to the damage, and Pallas returned to the lectern to reiterate that the electricity was restored by prioritization.

At the end of the meeting, the trustees expressed their thanks to village employees and residents for their work and tolerance after the storm, and also addressed some of the criticism.

“We had a couple of sort of teachable moments over the past week, some of them positive and some of them negative,” said Trustee Michael Sepe. “If you … are a resident who called in a complaint to the police department about a neighbor’s generator being too loud … That policy is not going to change too soon. That is by far the minority of what we’ve seen in the village over the past week.”

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