South Side High School varsity soccer raises money for Sandy relief


The South Side Girls’ and Boys’ varsity soccer teams came together Dec. 8 to help raise money and provide relief from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

“Kicking it for the Rockaways” helped deliver more than $18,000 to the families of the Rockaway Kosmos Soccer Club.

More than 600 children attended the indoor soccer clinic and games, and South Side High School players were leading skill sessions, coaching and even serving as the refs of games. Teams and soccer clubs arrived from across Long Island to play a round-robin tournament, and food, T-shirts and raffle tickets were sold to help raise money.

“It was the appreciation of giving their child “a day of normalcy,” which Sandy has denied them for over a month,” said Dorothy Hines. “It was the opportunity that the Rockaway parents needed, and wanted, to get together and just talk while watching their child play soccer.”