Sunshine, needed now more than ever

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2. End political-party bossism and partisan elections by opening up all of our elections to all New Yorkers. Implement a “top two” primary election system open to all eligible voters, regardless of party, so that every voter can participate. The top two candidates would move on to the general election.

3. Give the state attorney general the power to initiate allegations of public corruption and violations of election, campaign finance and ethics laws.

4. Fully fund the enforcement and oversight functions of state and local boards of election.

5. Demand that county district attorneys exercise their authority to pursue potential violations of election and campaign finance law.

6. Revise the laws to require that commissioners and staff of local boards of election are selected based on merit, not by party chairs and patronage.

All the good and decent public servants we have ought to be leading the charge to ferret out their corrupt colleagues. Most of our elected leaders are worthy of the trust we place in them. If the people see them working together to weed out the criminals in their midst, we can begin to gain back the faith we used to have in our democratic system.

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