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Friday, December 19, 2014
iPad program expands
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Students and parents will sign user agreements for the tablets, which the district is still finalizing. (The final version will be available on the district’s website for parents to view before they sign.)

One of the stipulations will be that if the device is lost or damaged beyond what is covered by warranty, parents will be responsible. To help cover that potential cost, the district will offer iPad insurance, which parents can purchase for about $61 for the school year. The insurance covers any type of damage, as well as the cost of a new iPad if it is stolen.

“Just like a textbook or calculator that’s lost, yes, it would be incumbent on the family for the full cost of replacement,” Pellettieri said. “[Students] are pretty good with their iPhones and the iPads they have at home, so we’re pretty sure they’re going to do the same here.”

If parents opt not to sign the user agreement, their children will take iPads at the start of the day from a cart near the entrance of the building, and put them back at the end of the day. This way, they will still be able to participate in iPad lessons in the classroom.

“There is technology in almost everything we do these days,” Pellettieri said. “In my mind, we’ve got to be past this. These are 21st century kids we’re churning out. These kids have [technology] everywhere, except school. We can’t continue that way.”

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