A friend in high places in Rockville Centre

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Going forward, he said, one of the most important issues for the South Shore is making sure the Long Island Power Authority is prepared for future storms of this magnitude. “There has to be a better effort by LIPA in terms of rebuilding those transfer stations so they’re not destroyed when and if there is another storm,” he explained. “They have to have a better communication system so people can get information from them in terms of restoration when they lack power. And there has to be a better-coordinated plan in the restoration of power. I heard complaints from many individuals that there were trucks sitting [on the streets] and they had no idea where they were supposed to go — especially the trucks that came in from other states.”

In the weeks and months to come, as officials and residents of hard-hit communities continue the work of rebuilding, they will most likely turn to Skelos for help in securing funds from the state that have filtered down through the federal government.

“Now, as we go ahead and start to rebuild and the money is coming down, he’s going to be instrumental in getting some funds,” said Island Park Mayor James Ruzicka. “And I’m sure he will. He’s always been there for us in the past, and there’s no reason for him not to be now.”

Realizing that the journey to recovery is a multifaceted story with no end in sight, the Heralds are chronicling all aspects of the rebuilding effort in a series of weekly articles with a common theme, South Shore Rising.

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