Seaford abstains from veteran's exemption vote

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Veteran Charlie Wroblewski, who is in favor of the legislation said “most veterans haven’t used the school district at all and others, people who came here in the 40s and 50s, built these schools. Everybody gets hurt shifting the tax burden but it’s a nice thing to do. Don’t forget that World War II veterans are almost gone.”

Carole Pascal, also in favor of the exemption said older people are a big asset to our community. Any break they can receive is warranted. So is a thank you. If we have a 1,000 veterans I want to hear the numbers. If it costs me $55 a year, so what. I’m willing to pay that out of my pocket.”

John O’Hara, who said he works in the SUNY budget office said the board should have provided the public with “informed statistics. Nobody crunched the numbers.”

“We don’t have all the facts. It could be anywhere from $40 to $400,” said Mr. Fagan.

“Oh come on, I know the game; this is mumbo-jumbo. This is a random decision,” said Mr. O’Hara.

Roberta Grogan said the board was setting “a deplorable example. I’m embarrassed,” she said.

But board member Susan Ruona. said “we do appreciate our veterans. Some people are painting us as un-American and that is not true.”

Brian Fagan said his parents were “both veterans. I have tremendous respect for veterans.”

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