Senator Reid, character attacks are never the best defense

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The money donated by the Koch brothers has actually saved lives. The New York Post recently published a story about Erin Youngerberg, a young woman who was diagnosed with a fast-spreading form of melanoma that caused tumors to grow all over her body. However, thanks to the remarkable drug Yervoy, which was developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering with the millions of dollars donated by David Koch, Youngerberg’s tumors have been shrinking, and she has been given a fighting chance at life.

Yet the liberals make the Kochs out to be worse than the grim reaper. Liberals are even pressuring New York-Presbyterian Hospital to turn down a potential $100 million grant from David Koch because of his conservative politics. This has appalled many who have benefited from the Kochs’ generosity, including Youngerberg. “It’s not about his politics,” she said. “It’s that he’s willing to donate huge amounts of money to cancer research.”

I happen to know David Koch, and can attest to his generosity. But I don’t write this because he’s a friend; he is a great American.

Where were the critics when George Soros donated his millions to outlandish liberal causes such as legalizing drugs? Let’s not forget that Soros has been convicted of insider trading and has been accused of laundering money for various drug cartels. But because he donates to left-wing causes, he is celebrated, while the Koch brothers are excoriated for their political activity. There is no justice here.

The Kochs do have one Democratic supporter. Sen. Joe Manchin, of West Virginia, defended them from attacks by his fellow Democrats, saying, “People want jobs. You don’t beat up people. I mean, I don’t agree with their politics or philosophically, but, you know, they’re Americans, they’re … paying their taxes.” Manchin later added, “They’re not breaking the law, they’re providing jobs.”

I applaud Manchin for standing up for conservatives. He understands that attacks like Reid’s divide this country, and political bickering and finger-pointing has created the current atmosphere in Washington, where no real progress can be made.
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