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East Broadway selects new peer mediators

20 students from East Broadway Elementary School were named peer mediators during a ceremony on Oct. 13.
20 students from East Broadway Elementary School were named peer mediators during a ceremony on Oct. 13.
Courtesy Levittown School District

20 students from East Broadway Elementary School in North Seaford were officially sworn in as peer mediators on Oct. 13 after completing a total of 16 hours of training since the start of the new school year. Sponsored by the Levittown School District and the school’s PTA, the students worked with the Empower, Assist and Care Network’s Training/Community Outreach Coordinator Gregg Scheiner and teacher advisors Pat Nolan and Katie Winkelman.

Principal Jeanmarie Wink and Assistant Principal Jami Anspach welcomed family members to the special ceremony where they discussed the selection process and what took place during the training. 

The program came to fruition with the help of the school’s shared decision-making team. The goal of the team — comprised of family members, teachers and supervisors — is to improve student population in terms of growth, spirit and collaboration. They decided to create a peer mediation group. Students were selected based on their leadership qualities, self-starter mentality and their rapport with others. 

Students met during morning sessions before school where they worked in groups, participated in role-playing activities and learned about the process of conflict and resolution. They also discussed what conflict meant to them and created posters to express their ideas. 

With their new training, peer mediators will work with students throughout the school to help resolve conflicts that arise. Chief Deputy County Clerk John Ferretti presented the school with a citation on behalf of Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell. In addition, Hempstead Town Councilman Dennis Dunne served as the guest speaker and expressed how proud he was of the students for their accomplishments. Dunne led the swearing in process where the students recited their peer mediator commitment to the school.  

Each peer mediator received a certificate courtesy of the EAC Network for completing their training and were congratulated for their hard work and dedication.